Founder Joerg Pauli

Company activities and ownership:

J. Pauli IT-Solutions is a 100% privately held company founded in 1991. In the 21 years of its existence we have been active in the trading room environment for banks and in the parallel import of Unix hardware including brands such as Oracle/SUN Microsystem, IBM, HP but also Cisco routers, EMC storage, Netapp, and many others.

We import NEW with factory warranty or else factory overhauled equipment as well as obsolete spares to keep your current equipment going.

Many large companies use us in the hardware segment to prolong their hardware investment by ordering spares that their suppliers quote as “obsolete”. Instead of having to make a major new investment, they order theses spares with us and use the current equipment for another couple of years. This can be very helpful if you want to change environment /software but need the old versions still to be available to the users for some years.

Or else they use back-up servers of the same equipment from us to replace overpriced service contracts. Indeed we are very performing in finding such hardware in the USA and the rest of the world, having a large number of potential suppliers many of which we have been working with for decades!